Rita Ora: Posting Risque Pictures of Myself Is Not Crazy
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Unafraid of baring her body in front of the camera, the 'Let You Love Me' singer insists there was nothing wrong with sharing her naked pictures because it is her body.

AceShowbiz - Rita Ora doesn't think there's anything crazy about posting risque photos online.

The singer often bares her body in pictures she posts to her Instagram page, and earlier this month she posed nude in a sexy photoshoot for Clash Magazine.

And Rita explained that while such images capture the attention of people online, for her they feel totally natural.

"I know I sometimes post crazy naked pictures on my social media, but for me it's not crazy because it's my body," the 27-year-old reasoned in an interview with Harper's Bazaar U.K. "Recently I did a Clash cover and it was basically naked except for a pair of gloves, and it was the most liberating thing I've ever done."

"With selfies, as long as I like my picture I don't really care. It's all about lighting! It makes me feel like I'm alive and awake."

Rita, who has recently teamed up with Cara Delevingne to front Rimmel London's I Will Not Be Deleted anti-bullying campaign, a global initiative to help those affected by cyberbullying, also opened up about her own experiences with online bullying.

Though she was able to come to terms with comments about her appearance, she found it difficult when people would say nasty things about her music.

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“I feel like I’ve just started, in the weirdest way. I know some people in the industry who I won’t name but who have messaged me to say, ‘You’re a badass for doing what you did.’ I earned a new found respect. Now, though, it’s time to put that stuff away and get this chapter going.” --- @ritaora emerges triumphant from a six-year wait for new music, and ahead of the release next month of her second album, ‘Phoenix’, the unyielding pop heroine tells her story exclusively to Clash. Read her #CLASH109 cover story now on ClashMusic.com --- Words: @alimkheraj Photography: @matteaston Creative direction: @rbpm_ Fashion: @vincelevy Hair: @lisalaudat1 Make-up: @mariebruce --- #CLASHxRITAORA

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"I went through a phase where at the time I put out a song and people responded with 'what is this?' – it caused a lot of controversy and it made me question the power of the internet," the Anywhere hitmaker recalled. "Before that I only ever experienced one-off haters on pictures and things, but it never got under my skin. When it started to involve my music – which is my baby – I started to feel really insecure. It got me really down."

It was this "super hard" experience which prompted Rita to back the campaign, which goes live on 12 November.

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