Mom Regrets Sharing Pic of Son Being Stood Up at His Birthday Party Despite Celebs' Support

Six-year-old Teddy Mazzini has received invitations from the Phoenix Suns and the Phoenix Rising to attend their games after all of his 32 classmates missed his birthday party.

AceShowbiz - Teddy Mazzini has received outpouring support from stars after a picture of him being stood up at his birthday party went viral. Her mom, Sil Mazzini, who posted the photo on social media has reflected on people's reactions to the snap and though most of them are positive, she regretted making it public.

"If I could go back in time back to that Sunday night I would have never sent the photo online," Sill tells Daily Mail. "We are overwhelmed and can't believe a photo would go viral like this. I hate it every minute of this exposure."

The said photo features Teddy looking sad and sitting alone at a long table at a restaurant after all of his 32 classmates didn't show up for his birthday party. The seats were empty while plates had been prepared and pizzas had already been served at the table.

Sil said she invited 32 of her son's classmates and their parents to join him celebrations at the restaurant. "A few people had the courtesy to respond that they were unable to make it, but out of everyone else, no one came," she said.

Sil said that Teddy wouldn't have a party next year. "No we are not. Not anymore, I don't think so because it's so much planning for me. I will just take him on a trip," she told the New York Post.

Celebrities have cheered up the boy, with DJ Khaled writing on Instagram, "Bless up and happy birthday to the Young King Teddy! The Khaled Family, @asahdkhaled and the We The Best foundation want to send you a birthday present!"

Meanwhile, NBA team the Phoenix Suns invited Teddy and his family to watch their home game against the Los Angeles Lakers this week.

Local soccer team, the Phoenix Rising also, also extended an invitation to Teddy to celebrate his birthday with "7,000 of his closest friends" at a playoff game this Friday, October 26.

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