Selena Gomez

From Kelly Clarkson to Ryan Reynolds, these prim perfect Hollywood stars have managed to handle their mental health issues well and avoid negative headlines.

AceShowbiz - Even after she transformed herself from an innocent child star into a sexy young lady, Selena Gomez is still known for her goody-goody image. But it can't be denied that things have been hard for her with her not-so-lucky romance with Justin Bieber, her strained relationship with her mother and her battle with lupus. The latest of which forced her to get kidney transplantation in the summer of 2017, but the problems didn't stop there.

Her health deteriorated in the last week of September, sending her to the hospital twice in two weeks. The condition apparently took its toll on her emotional well-being and during her latest hospitalization the "Wolves" songstress reportedly had a mental breakdown. She has since retreated from all public activities to focus on her health and seek treatment. It was not the first time though for Selena to enter a rehab. Back in 2014, she also went to rehab after she was diagnosed with lupus.

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