Sharon Osbourne Promises Ozzy 'Gonna Be Back' in the Wake of Tour Cancellation

Sharon takes to her show 'The Talk' to assure fans that the former Black Sabbath star is 'so upset' having to announce the scrapping of his final four U.S. shows due to hand infection.

AceShowbiz - Ozzy Osbourne decided to pull his remaining U.S. tour dates on his farewell trek to avoid repeated rescheduling as he continues to recover from a hand infection.

The heavy rocker had to scrap a gig in Mountain View, California on October 6 after checking into a Los Angeles medical centre to receive treatment for infections on his right hand, and after an initial operation, he axed two more dates on his "No More Tours 2" run.

He had hoped to be back onstage this weekend (October 13) to perform in Las Vegas, but on Thursday, October 11, he announced the final four U.S. shows would be postponed until 2019, as he was facing further surgery.

His manager wife Sharon Osbourne reveals the decision was made in the best interests of the fans, as they didn't want to keep messing up ticketholders' plans while Ozzy continued to undergo medical treatment.

"It's so sad for him," she explained.

"In this portion of his tour, he had four shows left to do in California, but his hand still hasn't healed, and it's one of these things that every day, they (doctors) go, 'No, tomorrow you're gonna be fine...' "

"It hasn't been fine... so we didn't wanna keep cancelling, then change it again, change it again, so we just said, 'OK, let's cancel these four shows,' and they're all gonna be rescheduled."

Assuring fans Ozzy is devastated by his stage absence, she added on her show The Talk, "He will perform, he is so upset, because he feels he's let down his audience, but I hope that everyone understands. He's gonna be back."

Ozzy had been due to undergo another operation on his hand over the weekend (October 13-14), but he has yet to update fans on his condition.

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