Fans May Get Season 8 'Game of Thrones' Spoilers If Not Because of This

The hit HBO series steps its security game up and enlists a high-tech tools to keep away snooping aerial cameras.

AceShowbiz - Over the past few seasons, HBO production on "Game of Thrones" is always trying to prevent spoilers, but to no avail. This may lead them to step its security game up and enlist a high-tech tools to keep away snooping aerial cameras.

Star Sophie Turner previously revealed during her New York Comic-Con appearance on Sunday, October 7 that the production crew had a drone killer to prevent fans from getting picture or footage from the set. "If a drone flies above sets, there's a thing that can kill the drones, which is really cool," the Sansa Stark depicter said.

"It creates a field around it and the drones just drop," she added. "It's very 'X-Men'."

The drone killer is "an electronic device that can disable a drone in the sky and force it back to the ground," according to the Los Angeles Times. It's usually used by polic to rein in unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs in emergency situations.

"The purpose is primarily for emergency situations," Oceanside police Lt. Aaron Doyle said. "It won't be used when someone complains about a neighbor flying a drone. It's pretty much for a life-or-death situation, to save lives."

The device looks like a gun and "can be aimed like a rifle or a shotgun at a drone in the air. The 30-degree field of its beam and its range of almost half a mile make the target hard to miss." Andy Morabe of IXI Technology explained, "In short, it breaks the command and control between the drone and the operator."

"Game of Thrones" wrapped up its filming for eighth and final season which is dubbed the biggest season of the series. Words are, the upcoming final is set to feature the biggest battle in "Game of Thrones" history, hence the over-the-top security over the plot.

Also starring Kit Harington, Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, Lina Headey and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, "Game of Thrones" is set to return for the 6-part eighth and final season in 2019.

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