'The Flash' Season 5 Reveals Iris Is Never [SPOILER] Despite Future Barry Is Still [SPOILER]
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Season 5 of the series, which premiered on October 9, reveals a huge revelation about the couple's fate in the future.

AceShowbiz - "The Flash" returned for a season 5 on Tuesday, October 9. The season premiere of The CW's series revealed the impact of the Crisis of 2024 on Barry and co.

For those who need a refresher, back in season 1, it was already known that The Flash would disappear in 2024. Throughout the four seasons, some details have changed with the various timeline shake-ups. However, the latest episode hinted that Barry would still disappear during a battle with the Reverse-Flash.

[SPOILER ALERT!] The new episode saw Nora, Barry's daughter from the future, showing 2018's Barry a newspaper headline dated April 25th, 2049 which reads: "25 Years Later - Flash Still Missing". With that being said, the speculation that Barry returns to 2024 is sadly debunked. He did not return home after chasing the Reverse-Flash to 2000. In addition, he has yet to return by the time Nora travels to the past to spy on her parents.

The new revelation further sparks new mystery among fans as they start to wonder what makes The Flash not return for at least another 25 years. It's slightly different from the comics since Barry returns 23 years later in Final Crisis, revealing he had been stuck in the Speed Force.

It's safe to assume that the new season will try to unfold the mystery and show what really went on to The Flash. According to the article that is written by Iris, it will have something to do with The Scarlet Speedster teaming up with Green Arrow, The Atom, and Hawkgirl to fight the Reverse-Flash.

Another new detail offered by the newspaper is that Iris stays loyal to Barry despite him missing for more than 2 decades. It could be seen that the article was written by Iris West-Allen which meant that Iris would be pretty much married to Barry in 2049.

One certain thing is that Barry returns by 2056 as a future Barry sends a message to Rip Hunter in 2016 warning him of Savitar.

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