Blac Chyna: I May Date Rob Kardashian Again
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Despite their messy breakup, the former stripper reveals in a new interview that she has no regret dating her baby daddy.

AceShowbiz - Despite their messy breakup, Blac Chyna isn't ruling out any chance to give her failed relationship with Rob Kardashian another go. Speaking to Daily Mail, the former stripper reveals she has no regret dating the 31-year-old television personality and they are now in good terms.

"I wouldn't change nothing of 'Rob & Chyna' at all because that was our reality - the good, the bad and whatever else," she says of their reality show when they were still together. When asked whether there is any chance of them getting back together, she answers, "Yes, maybe, we'll see. OK?"

However, she admits that it won't happen anytime soon as they're currently focusing on co-parenting their child, Dream, who is now obsessed with the color of blue because she wants to copy her father. Chyna recalls getting confused when her daughter started wanting blue "cups, plates, shoes and hair bows," but she quickly realized that it was due to Rob's influence.

"I was like, 'Oh, her dad.' Her dad wears the blue Dodgers cap all the time. Makes sense that's why she likes blue," the Lashed Bar owner continues, adding that the little girl is similar to her when it comes to food and clothes.

She says of her daughter, "Dream loves to eat, she's not picky at all. She loves fruit, she loves vegetables, she loves salmon, she loves everything. She does not play about food at all and I love that because I don't play about food. She loves to get dolled up. She's such a girly-girl. She knows about makeup and everything."

Concluding the interview, Chyna hints that she will return to the small screen again with a brand new show that may involve Rob. Calling it a "Rob and Chyna part 2.0," she shares, "I'm working on it. We have to see, I don't want to jinx anything. [I've] got something in the works. So, like stirring the pot right now."

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