Corey Feldman Gains Long-Term Restraining Order Against Death Threat Maker
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The 'Stand by Me' actor had previously been granted five temporary restraining orders against online trolls calling themselves 'Wolfpack' whom he accused of sending him nasty messages.

AceShowbiz - Former child star Corey Feldman has been granted a long-term restraining order against a woman he has accused of bombarding him with death threats on social media.

"The Lost Boys" actor filed a complaint with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) earlier this year, claiming he was being harassed online by a group of trolls calling themselves the 'Wolfpack', who have allegedly been sending him nasty messages from four different Twitter accounts, as well as one on Instagram.

The alarming notes have caused Corey and his family members to worry about their safety, and he even accused Judy Haim, the mother of his late friend Corey Haim, of spearheading the group, accusations she has denied.

In August, Feldman was granted five temporary restraining orders against the people he believes are responsible for the harassment, and now he has obtained a long-term order against alleged group member Margot Lane, according to The Blast.

Police officers began their investigation after the 47-year-old reported tweets in which users threatened to harm him, including one by a troll who expressed a desire to see Corey "gang-raped in prison".

The actor believes he is being targeted because of his ongoing work to expose paedophiles in Hollywood, who allegedly sexually abused him and others, like Haim, when they were young. He has claimed that they are also behind the assault he suffered earlier this year, when he was hospitalised after allegedly being stabbed with a syringe in Los Angeles.

"I have had two attempts on my life in the recent past, after I have tried to expose child paedophilia and the rape of my best friend," he said in court Friday morning (October 05) in Van Nuys, California.

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