Released on Sunday evening, September 30, the visuals was written and creative directed by the late rapper himself.

AceShowbiz - Another posthumous music video from the late XXXTentacion has been released. The video is for a track called "Moonlight" from his chart-topping album "?". Released on Sunday evening, September 30, it was written and creative directed by the late rapper himself.

The two-minute visuals features X walking around an outdoor party while observing what the other partygoers are doing. While there are people who happily chat with each other at the party, there are also people who have fun showing off their best shoot dance. X is seen smiling while watching them, looking peaceful.

It is later revealed that X is actually following a curly-haired girl whom catches his attention in the beginning of the music video. Fortunately, the two never get the chance to meet up. Many have speculated that the girl represents Geneva Alaya, his girlfriend who accused him of assault. It has been widely known that his music was mostly inspired by their dark relationship.

"Moonlight" visuals is the second music video which was released after X's death earlier this year. Prior to this, a haunting music video for his chart-topping song "Sad!" was released. One of the scenes of the music video featured the slain rapper staring down at another version of himself in a casket. He also beat himself up in the video until he was no longer breathing.

At the end of the music video, a message which read, "You have done well at battling yourself. Your demons seem to honor your efforts. Are you satisfied," flashes on the screen.

X died on June 18 after he was gunned down by two men. A public memorial service for the rapper was held at BB&T Center, Florida on June 27 before he was laid to rest in a private funeral service on the following day.

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