Video: Adam Levine Unbothered When Fan Tries to Attack Him at Toronto Show

The stage crasher, who jumps up onstage towards the end of the show, is then arrested for public mischief and released without bail.

AceShowbiz - Adam Levine once again had to deal with an overzealous fan when Maroon 5 took the stage at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto on Friday night, September 27. One concertgoer jumped up onstage and ran to him towards the end of the show.

In a video which has been circulating online, the frontman of the seven-piece band was walking down the stage when a woman suddenly followed him and danced in front of him. Adam appeared unbothered by the fan's action and even spread his arms as if he invited her for a hug. But before the said fan could even did that, a security guard quickly escorted her off the stage as she resisted.

"It's not every day something like this happens," Adam said after the fan was brought off stage. He and his bandmates then continued performing their last encore song, "Sugar".

According to a source, the woman "jumped on stage and tried to attack Adam Levine. His security stopped her and stopped it from happening. Fans saw the girl outside with three cops after the show. She was not being cooperative with police and officers had to put her in a patrol car."

TMZ reported that the stage crasher was arrested for public mischief and released without bail. No injuries were reported.

This is not the first time a crazed fan tried to attack Adam during shows. Back in 2015, one fan jumped on stage and ran up behind him before grabbing him when "The Voice" coach was performing in Anaheim, California. She tried to hug Adam, but he pulled her off of him and then put his arm around her until security arrived and carried her off stage.

"It's just weird to be , like, in the moment, you know? And you're singing, and your eyes are closed, and you have this beautiful moment. And then the next thing you know someone's f***ing in your face," Adam told the crowd afterward, calling the incident "super terrifying."

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