Kanye West Explodes on Drake's Silence Over Kim Kardashian Affair Rumors
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The 'Gold Digger' hitmaker also aims his Twitter rant at Kim's ex-boyfriend Nick Cannon as well as male supermodel Tyson Beckford.

AceShowbiz - Drake has been chastised by Kanye West for failing to shut down rumours suggesting he enjoyed an affair with the "Gold Digger" star's wife Kim Kardashian.

The gossip began circulating at the start of the month after one fan detailed their theory that Drake's "In My Feelings" hit was all about a secret romance between the Canadian MC and reality star Kim, as he repeatedly references a woman called "Kiki" - the same nickname Kanye's wife has used for years.

The speculation picked up pace as Kim's ex-boyfriend Nick Cannon weighed in on the claims, hinting an affair was entirely possible, leading the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" beauty to publicly dismiss the allegations on Twitter.

Responding to the unfounded reports, she firmly declared, "never happened. End of story".

Drake has continued to remain mum as fans keep guessing about the identity of the Kiki he pines for in the song, but his silence has irked Kanye, who finally addressed the fabricated news in a series of video posts on Instagram on Thursday, September 20.

He began his rant with a few words for Nick, advising him to stop commenting on his ex's personal life.

"I understand that you used to date my wife, but you know, you get into an interview, don't mention my wife," Kanye said.

"If someone brings my wife up, say, 'I respect that man (Kanye), I'm not speaking on that.' Don't be making no suggestions - like nobody f**k my wife (sic)".

Turning his attention to Drake, Kanye continued, "People making rumours or thinking you f**ked my wife and you're not saying nothing... that don't sit well with my spirit (sic)".

"You know, if I had a girlfriend from Chicago, her name was Renita, and you was married to Rihanna, I wouldn't make no song called Riri... (sic)," he added, referencing Drake's previous on/off relationship with his "Work" collaborator, who goes by the nickname "RiRi". "Don't make no record with nothing that can be confused (sic)."

Kanye goes on to reiterate statements insisting he did not share information about Drake's secret lovechild with his protege Pusha T, who rapped about the boy he fathered with former porn star Sophie Brussaux on his diss track "The Story of Adidon" - a claim Drake later admitted was true on his most recent album "Scorpion".

He closed out his Instagram video spree with some pointed remarks for male supermodel Tyson Beckford, who accused Kim of undergoing botched plastic surgery to enhance her curves as he commented on a snap of the mother-of-three dressed in a skimpy outfit back in July.

"As far as Tyson Beckford goes, don't speak on my wife, bro (sic)," he said. "Like, none of y'all speak on my wife period. What are you talking about? I'm married. We're in love, we're a family...".

"Nick Cannon, Drake, Tyson Beckford, all that wasn't sittin' right with me," he concluded.

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