Drew Barrymore Excited to Be Involved in New Animated Series
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In a chat with Savannah Guthrie for 'Today' show, the'Charlie's Angels' star gushes about how much she loves Guthrie's 2017 book 'Princesses Wear Pants'.

AceShowbiz - Drew Barrymore is getting animated to adapt one of her new favourite children's books for TV.

The actress and producer has joined forces with U.S. newswoman-turned-author Savannah Guthrie to transform her 2017 book, Princesses Wear Pants, into a new cartoon series.

Drew reveals she immediately fell in love with the empowering story of the unflappable "Princess Penelope Pineapple" when she read it to her two young daughters, so she was more than happy to get involved in its TV adaptation.

In a chat with Savannah for breakfast show "Today", for which she serves as a co-anchor, Drew told her, "When your book first came out and I read it, I was posting about it (online) and I was so in love with it, and we're friends, and I was so in awe of it. I was reading it to my daughters and thank you, I never knew I would get to be a part of it, too."

Discussing their new partnership, Barrymore added, "It was so organic, it just came together so... perfectly. You wanna work with good people. I'm here to really shepherd what you've put out into the world, which I also happen to really believe in for girls."

"The Princesses Wear Pants" series will be animated by officials at Atomic Cartoons, and although casting details have yet to be locked down, Savannah admits she would love for Drew to voice the lead character.

"Maybe we'll get Drew to do it... I think she's open to doing it," Guthrie told her Today show co-hosts. "I would be open, but who wants to hear my voice? I don't wanna hear it!"

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