Agency Backtracks on HyunA and E'Dawn's Removal After Stock Price Declines

In an unusual turn of events, Cube Entertainment is taking back its initial announcement and states that the stars have not been officially kicked out just yet.

AceShowbiz - Cube Entertainment just ate its own words. After announcing that it had decided to kick out HyunA and E'Dawn due to "broken loyalty and trust," the agency backpedals on its initial statement by saying that the two stars have not been officially removed from the company.

A representative for the company said on Thursday, September 13, "We're simply negotiating HyunA and E'Dawn leaving the label, but it's not been confirmed. We'll be discussing it more."

Dae Nam, the head of Cube Entertainment, added, "HyunA and E'Dawn's removal from the agency is a matter that is still being discussed and nothing is finalized. We believe that the artists' opinion on the matter is important as well, and this is a matter in which we need to hear from them before making a final decision."

He went on stressing, "Their removal is not a decided matter. We will be holding a board of directors meeting next week to discuss this matter."

Earlier Thursday, Cube Entertainment released a statement announcing HyunA and E'Dawn's removal. "After numerous discussions, it is with great pain that we have come to the conclusion that it will prove difficult for us to rebuild the broken [relationship]; so their removal has been decided," so read the statement.

The announcement came around a month after the two Triple H members confirmed their relationship, despite initial denial by their agency. Hence the company cited "broken loyalty and trust" as the reason of their removal.

Many fans came in support of HyunA and E'Dawn, slamming the company for taking such severe action on the two stars for being normal human beings who fall in love. Some others predicted that Cube wouldn't survive long without the former Wonder Girls member and the former Pentagon star.

Indeed, Cube's stock price suffered a steep decline following its announcement about HyunA and E'Dawn's removal. The company is further mocked after backtracking on its initial statement, which is believed to be an attempt to save its stock price.

BBC Korean's journalist Subin Kim tweeted, "Cube Entertainment just ate its words and says it's yet decided whether to kick HyunA and E'Dawn out of the company: … Maybe it changed its mind after watching a free fall in its stock price."

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