Agency Slammed After Kicking Out HyunA and E'Dawn Due to Dating Scandal

Fans have come in support of the two stars after Cube Entertainment removed the Triple H members for going public with their relationship last month.

AceShowbiz - HyunA and E'Dawn's decision to go public with their relationship has cost them their contracts with Cube Entertainment. On Thursday, September 13, the agency announced that it removed the two stars from the company following their dating scandal.

The company issued a statement which read, "Cube Entertainment has officially decided to remove our artists HyunA and E'Dawn from the label. When managing our artists, the company has worked with faith and trust in each other as the main priority."

Reasoning that HyunA and E'Dawn had "broken loyalty and trust" between them, the agency continued explaining, "After numerous discussions, it is with great pain that we have come to the conclusion that it will prove difficult for us to rebuild the broken [relationship]; so their removal has been decided." The statement concluded, "We sincerely thank fans who have been with the two artists all this time."

HyunA and E'Dawn shocked everyone when they confirmed they're an item in early August, despite initial denial by their agency. "We know that we will constantly be tagged onto each other's names from now on, but still, we thought that it would be hard to look straight into the eyes of our fans once we got on stage," they explained their decision to come clean about their relationship at the time. "That's why we wanted to be honest at least to our fans who love and watch over us, and then go in front of them with our confidence and joy on stage."

Following their confession, the two Triple H members were forced to withdraw from any promotional activities, with E'Dawn being sidelined from his group Pentagon's recent promotions.

But many fans are still rooting for these two idols. These loyal devotees have taken to Twitter to slam Cube Entertainment for taking such severe action on the two stars for being normal human beings who fall in love.

"I REALLY THOUGHT YG WAS THE WORST ENTERTAINMENT BUT TLOOK CUBE HAS STOLE THEIR SPOT!!" one wrote. Another commented, "Wow @cubeunited way to make the worst possible decision on both a human AND a business level."

"This is ridiculous...I am honestly disappointed in Cube that they can't let them be in a happy relationship and work as normal," one Twitter user defended Hyuna and E'Dawn. Another similarly reacted, "Blame the girl when they went mutually went public with their relationship? Breach of contract? WTF they are humans, just cos they are with agency doesn't mean they gv to be enslaved or forget abt their feels."

Some others predicted that Cube wouldn't survive long without Hyuna and E'Dawn. "Next headline-'BREAKING: Cube Entertainment filed for bankruptcy'," one quipped. Another added, "c*be really thnks they're gonna thrive without hyuna aka the person who made the company relevant along with 4minute and edawn aka one of the most talented artists in the company that actually works on their own music."

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