'Bachelor in Paradise' Finale and Reunion Recap: Shocking Live Breakup, Wedding Announcement

The finale sees some couples admitting that they decided to be just friends, while one particular woman leaves the stage while crying after being publicly blindsided.

AceShowbiz - "Bachelor in Paradise" season 5 aired its finale on Tuesday, September 11, featuring the fates of three remaining couples: Jordan and Jenna, Chris and Krystal, and Annaliese and Kamil. The episode kicked off with Annaliese and Kamil having a moment on the beach before their final rose ceremony. During the meeting, Annaliese told Kamil how much she loved him and how she was feeling "safe" with him.

Kamil admitted that her feeling was mutual, adding that he wanted to "have a future together." However, he added that he wasn't ready for an engagement. "I know you're ready for an engagement, but right now I am not. I need to move at a pace that is long-term for us. The love I have for you is very strong and I want it to blossom outside of 'Paradise'." While it was shocking for the viewers, Annaliese appeared to be fine with Kamil's decision as they left "Paradise" as a happy couple.

As for Jordan and Jenna, Jenna opened up to Jordan that she was actually worried about whether or not he might proposed to her. But it seemed like Jenna worried for nothing as Jordan told her that she helped him believe in love at first sight. He also added that he wanted to build a family with her and "made "all [her] dreams come true." That was when Jordan got down on one knee and proposed, and Jenna obviously accepted his proposal.

Chris and Krystal, meanwhile, had a lot to worry about. But their story ended with a happy ending as Chris managed to cast away his fears and proposed to Krystal. "I have to be honest with you. I'm so sorry Krystal, but it would be unfair to the both of us if I left here today hold your hand," he said, scaring Krystal for a good one minute, before adding, "Because I want to leave here holding your heart." He continued, "I want to give you my heart today, tomorrow and forever. I love you so much and can't picture a life without you."

Later, it was time for the reunion special. It appeared that a slew of pairs who left the show as couple had to surrender to the long distance and ended their relationship. Among them were John and Olivia. Olivia revealed that they spent the first few weeks after "Paradise" Facetiming, though later John said to her that he just wanted to be friends. "I totally understand -- long distance sucks," Olivia said. "But I just feel like if you wanted to make it work...you would've made the effort." She went on slamming John for flaunting his relationship with Chelsea. "You were Facetiming her, that could've been time you were Facetiming me! That was a slap in my face!" Olivia added.

Meanwhile, Angela and Eric also said that they were now just friends, with Ering dating Cassandra. Tia and Colton also decided to stay as friends. Astrid and Kevin revealed that they were currently trying to figure out their relationship after breaking up in part one of the "BiP" finale.

Kendall and Joe later took over the hot seats. Kendall revealed that she flew to Chicago to apologize and try to win him back after she broke up with him in Mexico. Although at first Joe was said to be not sure about getting back together, they confirmed that they're now together and very much in love. Host Chris Harrison also revealed a solution to their long distance relationship as he announced Joe as one of the celebrity contestants of season 27 of "Dancing with the Stars", making both of them be in L.A.

Annaliese and Kamil left "Paradise" without getting engaged, and it turned out they didn't have a happy ending. During the live broadcast, Annaliese started gushing over how things were going well between them before Kamil blindsided her during the filming. "I know Annaliese is ready for a guy to get down on one knee right now and get engaged, and you deserve the best, and I think I might not be the guy for you," he told Annaliese, who was visibly shocked. "I just feel like I kind of lost that spark we had in Paradise after leaving and experiencing it in the real world."

Annaliese then confronted him, saying, "I literally tried to break up with you two weeks ago. You're sitting here breaking up with me in front of everyone!" She seemingly couldn't handle it anymore as she stormed off the stage while crying. Kamil, understandly, was boo-ed by the crowd.

Things were pleasantly different when it came to Jordan and Jenna's relationship. The pair continued getting heated as they revealed their wedding date on the reunion. "What do you think about next year, June 9th, [will] you officiate this wedding?" Jordan asked Chris, who happily accepted.

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