Chance the Rapper Tosses Out Idea of Being Actor
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At the world premiere of 'Slice', the 'Work Out' hitmaker honestly told fans that he didn't like shooting movies.

AceShowbiz - Chance The Rapper won't be building up his acting resume anytime soon because he was not a fan of the filmmaking process for his new horror comedy "Slice".

The "Work Out" hitmaker was recruited by his frequent music video collaborator Austin Vesely to make his feature film acting debut in the movie, set in a strange town where a serial killer preys on pizza delivery boys.

"Slice", which was written by Austin too, also features "Deadpool 2 star Zazie Beetz, actor Paul Scheer, and comedian Hannibal Buress, and although Chance is proud of the finished product, he isn't interested in repeating the experience for some time.

The rapper dismissed the idea of returning to acting during a question and answer session with fans following the world premiere of "Slice" in Chance's native Chicago, Illinois on Monday, September 10.

"Just being honest," he shrugged, according to "I don't like shooting movies, I don't like being on a set or in a trailer. Austin knows this to be true. And it's very different from the way that I execute my music after its written.

"But the reward, the finalised product is always something that I thoroughly enjoy for a long time afterwards. So, I think if I do end up doing any more cinema it will be probably be a long, long time from now".

Chance admits stepping behind the camera is more appealing to him as an artist, and it may be something he pursues in the future.

"I do think what I really enjoy is the creative process," he mused. "I love how Austin made this vision so tangible and I would love to get into that side at some point, but yeah, definitely not sitting in a f**king trailer (as an actor)".

Following the premiere, "Slice" was released straight to iTunes and video on demand services, instead of being shown in theatres.

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