Rose McGowan Flaunts Bare Breasts in New Mirror Selfie
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The 'Scream' actress shamelessly takes to her Instagram Story to celebrate her 45th birthday with a topless picture.

AceShowbiz - Rose McGowan had her own way to celebrate her 45th birthday on Wednesday, September 5. The 45-year-old actress shamelessly took a mirror selfie, while flaunting her bare breasts on her birthday. Rose then decided to share the new steamy picture with her followers on Instagram Stories.

In the picture, the former "Charmed" star could be seen standing in a seemingly changing room. Rose wore nothing but tangerine trousers and a pair of white sneakers. She had one of her hands inside her pocket, while the other hand held the phone. Her bare breasts were clearly exposed in the photo.

"Should be equally with allowed to post my nipples because it's not a big deal," the actress captioned the post along with a poll for her followers to vote whether or not they agree with the statement. She also added two rainbow megaphone emojis.

Rose McGowan goes completely topless in a mirror selfie

Rose McGowan shamelessly flaunts bare breasts in a mirror selfie.

The sultry post came one day after Rose posted two topless photos on the photo-sharing platform. Wearing a pinkish lipstick, the actress looked relaxed in a bathtub with her non-binary model partner Rain Dove. In one photo, Rose put her feet on her partner breasts, covering the nipples, while a red toy boat was seen floating between them.

"Dear fellow warriors don't forget to fight not just for your cause but also for yourself. If you don't care for yourself before/while caring for others you will then in turn become a person who needs care as well," the actress wrote in the caption.

"Despite the forces that may rage around you find that moment even if for a second to remind yourself that you are worthy of love too. Consideration too. Power too," she continued. "And if you have a hard time doing so find and accountability buddy to remind you."

Most of her followers gave positive feedbacks for her inspiring caption as they wrote in the comment section. "You inspire me so much! I hope to meet you one day in the future!" one fan said. "Damn right, that photo made my night, stay awesome beautiful," another one praised. "Dear @rosemcgowan I love you and praying for you every day, because the world needs people like you. Always remember that #rosearmy is not only phrase or hashtag it's absolutely true, we [sic] with you and we always be supporting you, like you all of us," one person added.

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