Cher Receives Death Threats After Slamming Donald Trump

However, the singer is not afraid of the threats and refuses to hold back as her mom 'would beat me to death if I lied.'

AceShowbiz - Cher has received death threats for attacking U.S. leader Donald Trump.

The pop star has been one of the most vocal celebrity opponents of the President, slamming him for his policies on immigrants, healthcare, and women's rights, among other hot-button topics, and she reveals her thoughts and feelings have made her a target for his devotees.

"Trump voters don't like me... and I don't blame them," she tells the New York Times. "I say terrible, true things about him. I hate him because he's using his job to make money. But mostly, I hate him because he's tearing this country down, and it's going to take generations to put it back together, if we even can.

"I've gotten death threats from his supporters, with pictures of me in the gas chambers. People writing: 'The wrong Bono went skiing that day'. But I can't hold back. It's about character. My mum would beat me to death if I lied. I'm not starting now."

Cher's ex-husband, singer-turned-politician Sonny Bono, died in a skiing accident in 1998.

Meanwhile, the pop star is thankful she won't have to shake Trump's hand when she's awarded a Kennedy Center Honor later this year.

"I was just terrified that Trump would be there," she tells the Times.

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