Kilimanjaro Live Sued for Allegedly Defrauding Ed Sheeran's Fans

Ticketing firm Viagogo have accused the company of earning millions selling tickets to the singer's 2017 tour on their secondary sales website, before declaring them void.

AceShowbiz - Ed Sheeran's tour promoter is facing legal action over allegations he defrauded the singer's fans.

In a lawsuit filed in Germany, executives at the ticketing firm Viagogo have accused Stuart Galbraith and his firm, Kilimanjaro Live, of earning millions selling tickets to Sheeran's 2017 tour on their secondary sales website, before declaring them void.

The legal proceedings are the latest salvo in the "Thinking Out Loud" singer's war with ticket resale websites - which his team claim are profiteering by allowing touts to charge hugely inflated prices for tickets.

In a statement issued to WENN, Viagogo chiefs accused Galbraith's firm of, "confiscating thousands of genuine tickets at the gate, forcing fans to buy new tickets, and pocketing millions of pounds in duplicate sales."

A spokesperson for the company added: "Stuart Galbraith set up fake Viagogo booths at venues and conned our customers into believing that their tickets wouldn't work. He confiscated their legitimate tickets and pocketed millions of pounds by forcing fans to buy new ones."

Viagogo bosses claim to have refunded disappointed fans who fell victim to what they call "a scam" and that they have photographic and video evidence to support their allegations.

When contacted by WENN, Galbraith was unavailable for comment.

The promoter led a protest outside Viagogo's London office last year - as well as announcing that any tickets bought for Sheeran's 2018 dates on unapproved resale websites would not be valid. Viagogo bosses allege that he used their website to sell tickets "until recently" but that relations broke down after they refused him special terms. They claim he then threatened to use his artists, "such as Ed Sheeran and the Red Hot Chili Peppers," to pressure the company to comply.

When Sheeran's U.K. and Ireland tour began in May, fans were left furious after they were denied entry and told to replace their ticket with a valid one. They were then given instructions on how to claim a refund.

As the only firm to list the tickets, Viagogo were particularly hard hit by the policy - with campaigners claiming the move could cost the firm as much as $1.6 million (£1.25 million). Sheeran's manager Stuart Camp did not respond to a request for comment on Viagogo's allegations, but previously told WENN he was delighted the singer's tough anti-touting measures were hitting the firm hard.

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