Sia Recalls Awkward Meeting With Donald Trump on 'Saturday Night Live'

The singer was the musical guest during a 2015 episode of the NBC comedy show, which Trump hosted.

AceShowbiz - Sia Furler declined future U.S. leader Donald Trump's request for a photo when the odd couple was paired up on Saturday Night Live during his run for the presidency.

The pop star was the musical guest during the 2015 episode of SNL, which Trump hosted, and reveals she met the property tycoon-turned-politician in the hallway backstage.

He suggested the pair pose for a photo, but Sia refused, explaining she didn't agree with his politics.

"(I said), 'Actually, do you mind if we don't? I have a lot of queer and Mexican fans, and I don't want them to think that I support your views," she tells Rolling Stone. "(He said), 'Oh, no problem, then don't'. It was as if he viewed me as protecting my brand".

The encounter left the singer feeling a little ill.

"I went into my dressing room and had crazy diarrhoea," she recalls.

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