Josh Radnor Hit With Restraining Order by Neighbors

The former 'How I Met Your Mother' star is accused of yelling at his neighbors when they are outside and intimidating workers on their property.

AceShowbiz - Actor Josh Radnor has been hit with a temporary restraining order filed by his neighbours.

Last year (17), the former How I Met Your Mother star was sued for allegedly overstepping the boundaries of a legal agreement between the previous owner of Radnor's house and the folks next door.

The deal allowed the backyard decking on his property to encroach upon his neighbour's estate, as long as there was a retaining wall and walkway in place.

The neighbour claimed Radnor removed the wall and extended the decking in 2016, breaking the terms of the agreement.

According to TMZ, the neighbours have now obtained a temporary restraining order against the actor after claiming he and his roommate yell at them when they are outside and intimidate workers on their property.

Radnor has been ordered to stay seven yards away from his neighbours.

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