Glenn Close Wants a 'Fatal Attraction' Remake From Her Character's Viewpoint
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In the classic 1987 film, Close played Alex Forrest, whose husband had a fling with an unstable woman.

AceShowbiz - Glenn Close is very interested in revisiting her iconic Fatal Attraction character Alex Forrest, because she'd like to tackle the classic 1987 film from her point of view.

The actress insists the "bunny boiler" character is misrepresented as a movie villain - and that's not how she portrayed Alex in the Adrian Lyne thriller about the consequences of a husband's fling with an unstable woman.

Glenn would like to have another crack at her most famous role now mental health issues are more of a talking point in society.

"When that film was made, mental health was not talked about at all...," the actress told the BBC, "and I think it would be fascinating to tell the exact same story from Alex Forrest's point of view.

"She was not, as she has been labelled, one of the great movie villains of all time. She was fascinating, but you didn't know the 'why' of her behaviour, and it's in reviewing the 'why' of her behaviour that I think would be interesting to people, because I was not playing the greatest villain of all time; I was playing a very specific human being, who was in crisis".

In the film, Close's character terrifies her lover Michael Douglas after he breaks off their romance, and in one famous scene, she arrives at his home and cooks the family's pet rabbit in a pot of boiling water.

Asked if she'd be interested in putting her money where her mouth is and actually making a Fatal Attraction revamp a possibility, Glenn said, "I think I might. Why not?".

Meanwhile, the actress is picking up Oscar buzz again for her new film The Wife. She has been nominated six times but never won.

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