Kelly Clarkson Blast Hater Over Anti-Gay Remarks

The said Twitter user attacks the singer supporting two fans' same-sex wedding.

AceShowbiz - Kelly Clarkson has savaged a follower on Twitter after he attacked her for supporting two fans' same-sex wedding.

The Stronger singer has always spoken out for the rights of her LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) fans and she was thrilled to learn two were tying the knot, but her excitement wasn't shared by all her followers.

One Twitter commenter responded to her support of the gay fans' union, using homophobic slurs and calling homosexuality "a sin any way you cut it".

Clarkson refused to let the follower get away with his comments, stating: "I almost didn’t respond 2 this because hate doesn’t deserve a spotlight but u know what, truth does.

"The truth is that God is Love, & Love shared between two people should be praised not condemned in my personal opinion. I love u 2 although we see the world/love differently".

Fans heaped praised on Clarkson for standing up for two of her gay devotees, while one of the pair she was defending, added: "I saw that comment and was going to say something, but it wouldn't have been as nice as you just put it. Thank you for standing up for 'us' and more importantly, for what you believe in".

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