Fat Joe Slams Eric Benet for Suggesting Black Rappers Bring Down Their Own Race

Calling it a 'shame,' the rapper says, 'I don't know what he's (Benet) talking about.'

AceShowbiz - Fat Joe has taken aim at Halle Berry's singer ex Eric Benet for suggesting black gangsta rappers are bringing down their own race.

Benet posted a message on Instagram earlier this week, beg August 06, suggesting rappers that glorify drugs and violence are agents of white supremacy, irking Fat Joe, who believes the singer is missing the point.

The Lean Back star tells TMZ, "I see music as entertainment. We have different rappers for different messages. It's all entertainment. If you gonna go and live your life behind a rap song, then you're the fool...

"We make gangsta rap and people go to work-out to it. People in the Army and Navy are fighting wars; they get hyped to our s**t!

"I don't know what he's (Benet) talking about. It's a shame. I love Eric Benet".

And the singer didn't stop there - during an appearance on Van Lathan's The Red Pill podcast, he took aim at the state of R&B, insisting too many young stars are using technology "as a crutch".

"When I listen to some of the stuff that's really being glorified as awesome I don't get it, because a lot of it is using technology as a crutch," he said. "You can hear in the production that it's not really musicians... that the vocal isn't really organic".

Benet also feels like black talent such as himself and Kenny Lattimore is being swept aside in favour of white soul singers like Adele and Sam Smith.

"It seems like they (record label bosses) wanna hear it (R&B), but they wanna hear it more if it's not from black people... Why is it genius when they do it...?" he added. "Listen to Kenny Lattimore's latest record and it's like, 'Wow, that's dope', but if it was a white cat that came out with that record, he'd be at the Grammys. That's always been the way the music industry's been from Elvis on".

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