Cheating Again? Tristan Thompson Spotted Having Lunch With LeBron James and Three Mystery Women

The basketball players and the women are seen in a photo discussing something serious with two security guards accompanying them.

AceShowbiz - Has Tristan Thompson not learned his lesson after getting caught cheating on Khloe Kardashian? The Canadian athlete was recently spotted having lunch with LeBron James in Toronto over the weekend, but they were not alone. Joining them during the lunch were three mystery women.

The identities of the women are unclear, but one thing for sure is that none of them are Khloe or LeBron's wife Savannah James. In a photo that has been circulating online, the group looked like they were discussing something serious. Two security guards were also seen accompanying the group.

Khloe allegedly knows about the lunch outing, but "she is not furious" about it. A source tells, "I mean this was out in the open during the day, clearly Tristan wasn't trying to hide anything. Plus LeBron was there and Khloe knows he's loyal to his wife so that also puts her mind at ease." However, she is still "demanding the truth about exactly about who the women are."

Tristan himself has insisted that the lunch outing was not a date, but "strictly business," according to the site. "Tristan has had to work really hard to regain Khloe's trust, which is fine with him, because he knows he messed up, and he's vowed that he will never be that stupid again," another source shares to the gossip site.

"Tristan came so close to losing everything that he cares most about in this world, and it was a real wake up call for him, so you can bet that he's learned his lesson from it," the source continues. "Tristan and Khloe are finally getting back to where they were before the whole cheating scandal kicked off, and things are nice and chill again between them."

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