Dave Bautista Finds It 'Nauseating' to Work for Disney After James Gunn Firing

The Drax the Destroyer depicter says on Twitter, 'Its also pretty nauseating to work for someone who'd empower a smear campaign by fascists.'

AceShowbiz - Dave Bautista continues to show his support for director James Gunn after he was fired from his position in "Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3". This time, he took to Twitter on Sunday, August 5, to blast Disney for its decision to fire Gunn.

When one follower asked him if he would reprise his role as Drax the Destroyer in the upcoming sequel, he said he would play once more, but simply because it was a contract obligation. "I will do what I'm legally obligated to do but @Guardians without @JamesGunn is not what I signed up for," he tweeted, before adding that the sequel wouldn't be a "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie without the director.

Bautista then proceeded to take aim at the company, writing, "Its also pretty nauseating to work for someone who'd empower a smear campaign by fascists #cybernazis. That's just how I feel."

Gunn was fired last month after a series of his old offensive tweets, which made light of sensitive subjects like rape and pedophilia, were unearthed. Since then, fans and celebrities have come to defend the director, with the cast members of the Marvel movie signing an open letter to have him reinstated as director of the third film.

Kurt Russell, who starred in "Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2", have also weighed in on the issue, showing support for Gunn. "It's sad but it's a part of our fabric now, and I get it," he told Variety. "But I do think we're getting a little too sensitive on maybe some of the wrong people." He said of Gunn, "He has a wonderful heart and a wonderful mind. I hope he is forgiven."

Earlier this month, it was reported that Disney considered to rehire the director for the third installment. The company was allegedly "taking its time with this situation," but "reinstatement is possible."

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