Zachary Quinto Learned Scuba Diving for 'In Search Of'
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Based on the 1970s series, the movie gives the 'Star Trek' star the chance to explore the world's myths and mysteries.

AceShowbiz - Zachary Quinto learned how to scuba dive for his new mystery show "In Search Of".

Based on the 1970s series, which was hosted by Leonard Nimoy, "In Search Of" gave the "Star Trek" star the chance to explore the world's myths and mysteries, and he decided to add a few new talents so he could truly experience lost worlds and secrets around the globe.

"I learned how to scuba dive for this show and I'm not a big ocean person, so that's kind of major for me," he told U.S. breakfast show "Today" on Friday, August 03.

"Of course the original series is so associated with my dear, departed friend Leonard Nimoy, so when the opportunity was presented to me (to front the show), I was really excited about diving in, so to speak. He (Nimoy) was in the studio, but I wanted to be on the ground.

"We were in Australia, Greece, Italy, the U.K., Morocco, we were all over the world. I learned how to scuba dive, I went skydiving, it was a real adventure for me, and then I get to bring the audience along and explore all these incredible different mysteries."

Quinto also explains the show helped him to be more objective.

"I learned a lot about journalistic objectivity," he said. "Just sort of listening to people's stories and sometimes they are really far fetched and my job was to give them a platform to tell their stories and not to lay my own beliefs or judgments on top of it."

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