Video: Drake's Fan Hit by Car During 'In My Feelings' Challenge

The fan attempted to do the viral dance challenge on the street in Boynton Beach, but he slipped and a car struck him.

AceShowbiz - Drake's male fan from Florida, Jaylen Noorwood, was hit by a car on Wednesday, July 25 during "In My Feelings" or "Keke" challenge. Jaylen was accompanied by some people when the incident happened in his hometown of Boynton Beach, Florida. One of them recorded the whole situation from their vehicle.

In the footage, Jaylen was seen jumping out of his driving seat and he started performing the viral dance on the street which looked empty. He made it until the first sentence of the song's chorus, but right after the words, "Are you riding?" the 22-year-old man slipped on an oil spill. As he was falling down onto the concrete, a white car struck him hard in the face. Jaylen was heard screaming in the video, while the one who filmed it said, "Oh my gosh!" There was another person at the backseat who laughed instead after the Florida native got hit.

Afterward, Jaylen revealed that he only got a few scars from the accident as he laughed. "Why are you laughing?" the person behind the camera asked him. Jaylen later took to his Instagram account to post the video of his failed stunt. "Sooo, i was originally suppose to jump on the hood of the car but i slipped on that damn wet spot and this nigga ran me over," he wrote on the caption. "Keke never loved me lmfaooooo #inmyfeelings #theshiggychallenge #inmyfeelingschallenge #worldstar #theshaderoom #daquan."

The video, which got over 44,282 views, went viral and many internet users commented on Jaylen's post. "That s**t was scary. Hope he went to get checked cuz internal bleeding is no joke. Even if u feel fine u never know. Should still get checked. Life is nothing to play with. Thank goodness you're alive," one person wrote, worrying about the Florida man. "I'm sorry. I played this like 10 times. I hope you are okay but that s**t was funny," another one wrote. "The driver should be charged. How do you NOT see a WHOLE human in the road?" an individual added.

Meanwhile, National Transportation Safety Board of the United States (NTSB) and international police forces warned people about the dance challenge. NTSB posted the warning on their official Twitter account on July 27. "#OntheBlog we're sharing concerns about the #InMyFeelings challenge while driving. #DistractedDriving is dangerous and can be deadly," the post read. "No call, no text, no update, and certainly no dance challenge is worth a human life."

According to police authorities, anyone who are caught hopping out of a moving vehicle to dance will be fined at least $1000.

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