Watch Shaquille O'Neal Defy Death Amid Shark Attack

While the athlete is inside 'Shaq Cage', a small shark somehow finds its way through cage bars and swam right over his head.

AceShowbiz - Shaquille O'Neal shows that he's not only the man on the basketball field, but also underwater. The retired basketball player appeared on Discovery Channel's week-long special "Shaq Does Shark Week", on which he would be snorkeling underwater to meet the scary fish in the Bahamas.

The 15-time All-Star submerged into a custom steel "Shaq Cage" that is 12 feet tall and six feet wide with see-through windows. It went well at first, until a truly scary incident happened. A small shark somehow found its way through cage bars and swam right over Shaq's head.

Thankfully, professional marine biologists joined him and they quickly removed the athlete and the shark from the cage. Shaq, however, was quick to regain his composure as he was back to his funny side. "I survived a shark attack, you b***hes!" he said after leaving the water.

In a previous interview, Shaq revealed that he initially "didn't want to" take a part in Discovery Channel's annual "Shark Week" programming. "I stayed by the stairs and I noticed when I stayed by the stairs the sharks were looking at me […] one shark came really close but he saw me and quickly went away. My fear was that I looked like a seal," he explained to New York Post.

"The people I admire in the show are the camera guys and the guys out there protecting me. They were outside in the water, throwing chum in and I asked them, 'You're not scared?' And they said, 'A lot of times when sharks bite people it's because they mistake them for food--and if we're out here in the water and they know we're not food they're not going to bother us.' "

Shaq is the latest celebrity to join the show. Olympic hero Lyndsey Vonn and NFL stars Aaron Rodgers and Rob Gronkowski are among those who are also taking part, alongside UFC Hall of Famer Ronda Rousey. "Shark Week" will air until July 30 on Discovery Channel.

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