Kelly Osbourne Once Offended Hugh Grant With Prostitution Remarks

It happened when the stars attended a Christmas party in London as her way to break the ice with the British actor.

AceShowbiz - Singer-turned-TV personality Kelly Osbourne once left Hugh Grant fuming after trying to break the ice at a dinner party by asking about his infamous prostitution scandal.

The former Fashion Police commentator was attending the end-of-year holiday bash with her whole family, including rocker dad Ozzy Osbourne, when she decided to try and strike up a conversation by poking fun at the Notting Hill star's sordid past.

"We were invited to a Christmas party in London and we were sat at this table, and Hugh Grant was sat next to Kelly, and he's very proper English, a bit snotty...," recalled Kelly's mum, Sharon. "So Kelly turned around and thought she was breaking the ice by saying, 'So, hey, what's it like to have sex with a hooker?'".

The bold remark, which made reference to the British actor's notorious arrest back in 1995, made her relatives recoil in horror: "Everybody went, 'Oh lord, why? Why?'," Sharon said. "She didn't even wait for dessert; we hadn't even had a starter at this point!".

And Hugh was less than impressed by the rude guest, making for an incredibly awkward meal.

"It went down like a nun's knickers, let me tell you!" Sharon laughed on her daytime show The Talk. "He was like, appalled. He looked at her and went, 'And you are..?'".

Grant was caught receiving oral sex from prostitute Divine Brown in Los Angeles 23 years ago, when he was arrested and charged with lewd conduct in a public place.

He ended up pleading no contest to the count, which landed him a fine and two years of probation. He was also ordered to complete an AIDS education programme.

Hugh, who is now married with five children, has since expressed his regret over his bad behaviour.

"It was a hiccup," the 57-year-old told CBS News in 2016. "I was very naughty... I was very drunk. And yeah, it was regrettable".

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