Liam Gallagher Denies Swearing at His Neighbors
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The former Oasis frontman was accused of unleashing a slew of foul-mouthed abuse on his neighbors, but the singer denies it, calling them 'fantastic people (who are) very nice and welcoming.'

AceShowbiz - Liam Gallagher has denied claims he swore at his neighbours.

The former Oasis frontman has reportedly moved into a new north London pad with girlfriend Debbie Gwyther, but according to British newspaper The Sun, it hasn't taken long for him to upset his neighbours.

The publication claimed the "Wonderwall" hitmaker shouted "at the very top of his voice" at locals in the street and unleashed a slew of foul-mouthed abuse on them, calling them "k**bs" and "prats".

But the 45-year-old rocker was quick to refute the claims on social media, taking to Twitter to offer a wholly different version of events and insist his neighbours are "fantastic people".

"I've met my neighbours either side of me and there fantastic people very nice and welcoming unlike the stalkers who were stood outside my house the other day with there binoculars dribbling into there cafe lattes it's coming home as you were LG x (sic)," he tweeted to his 2.99 million followers, adding a World Cup reference.

On Monday, July 09, The Sun reported that Liam went on an expletive-ridden rant at north London locals after he spotted them observing his move into his new home, which reportedly cost a cool $2.8 million (£2.1 million).

Onlookers were allegedly left "aghast" by his behaviour and worried for their future living arrangements.

"My heart sank when I saw Liam moving his stuff in," a source told the news outlet. "A friend and I were watching him enter his home and he shouted at us at the very top of his voice, 'What the f**k are you two k**bs bogging at? You wanna take my f**king picture, do you? Prats'."

The insider added: "I was absolutely aghast at being spoken to like that. People here are very reserved and decent and I fear this Gallagher fellow is going to be one of those chav neighbours from hell."

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