Kendall Jenner Ridiculed Over Her Chanel Ankle Purse
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Many people compare the purse with an ankle monitor, with one writing that s/he thinks the model is being arrested after seeing a picture of her donning the bag.

AceShowbiz - It's natural when a model hopes to be a fashion trendsetter, but Kendall Jenner may be taking the wrong direction. The 22-year-old model was recently trying to start a new trend with an ankle purse, but people were not interested. Instead, she was ridiculed for it.

Kendall took to Instagram Stories a picture of her sporting a black Chanel ankle purse and captioned it, "It only fits joy." The tiny bag, which cost $645, appeared to be the size of a coin purse and would only be able to fit a credit card or a house key. Despite the fact that the purse is unique and expensive, many people compared it with an ankle monitor, something that criminals wear while on parole.

One fan commented on the interesting purse choice, writing on social media, "Kendall Jenner really out here gentrifying ankle bracelets... really sis." Meanwhile, another unimpressed fan didn't hold back at all by saying, "Kendall Jenner is trying to make ankle purses a thing and I'm so confused... this s**t ugly lol."

One other fan even thought that the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star was being arrested due to the small accessory. "The way Kendall Jenner got a mini purse round her ankle and captions it 'it just fits' made me double take. Thought she'd been arrested with a tag on," the said fan wrote, while another commented, "Seriously? What would Uncle OJ say?"

The Chanel bag was rumored to be inspired by the alcohol-monitoring devices which had been worn by the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Eve and Michelle Rodriguez. It first hit the runway in 2007 and reportedly sold out because of the excitement over the small accessory. Despite the amazing sales, other designers decided not to follow the trend of the bag and it eventually faded out.

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