Cardi B Gets Lingerie Gift From Rihanna

The 'Bodak Yellow' rapper shows off a package sent to her home by the pop star.

AceShowbiz - Pregnant rapper Cardi B cannot wait to regain her pre-baby body so she can try on the lingerie gift she received from Rihanna.

The I Like It hitmaker is expecting a daughter, her first child with her rapper husband Offset, imminently, and on Sunday, July 08, she took to her Instagram Story timeline to show off a package sent to her home by Rihanna and her team at her Savage x Fenty underwear brand.

"(Look at) this Fenty lingerie package," Cardi told fans as she opened the box and touched the contents, which included a mint green bustier and a pair of black panties.

"They're so cute," she exclaimed. "I can't wait till I wear these for my man when I give birth and I ain't fat no more (sic)".

The hip-hop star has been active on social media over the weekend after she was previously rumoured to have checked into a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia to prepare to give birth on Friday, July 06.

Cardi shared a short video message online at the time to brush off the claims, declaring, "I wish I gave birth!", but the post was quickly deleted after eagle-eyed fans suggested she had been filming from her birthing suite as they noticed the wallpaper was identical to that used in patient rooms at a popular medical centre in Atlanta, Georgia.

However, it appears she is not yet in labour, as she has been posting other videos from her home, including another on Sunday morning, when she complained to fans about struggling with a serious toothache.

"It's (been) a long night. My head is killing me, I gotta prepare myself for so many things, I wanna get so many things done before I give birth," she told fans in the clip, which she captioned, "Morning ! what should i take for a toothache? its making my head hurt (sic)".

Meanwhile, Cardi has also been giving some thought to how she will manage life with a newborn with her super long nails, which she often shows off online.

"ME AS F**K !!!! Inspiration !" she wrote beside a trio of Instagram photos of Latin star Ivy Queen, as she admired the singer/actress' manicures. "I wonder how I'm going to manage after my baby comes".

Ivy Queen saw the message and offered to share a few tips with Cardi, assuring the 25-year-old she would be just fine.

"You will be a great mom. Nails or no nails," she commented. "But if you need tricks Hollaaaa I be glad to share them with you (sic)!!"

Cardi has yet to respond to the post, but her devotees were thrilled by the Puerto Rican star's remark, and called for the ladies to consider getting together to work on a song.

"When will you two collaborate?" asked one fan, as another begged, "Please collab for the culture I dreamed of this (sic)".

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