Brendon Urie Apologizes to Alexa Chung for Treating Her Badly During Interview
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Recalling about what he did to her during interview, the Panic at the Disco frontman says, 'Honestly, that's one that will haunt me for the rest of my life.'

AceShowbiz - Singer Brendon Urie has issued a public apology to British model and TV host Alexa Chung after treating her badly during a cringe-worthy interview more than a decade ago.

The Panic! at the Disco star has long struggled with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, and depression, but decided to quit taking his medication for two years when he was in high school.

He ended up finding fame with the band during that period, but the pressures of life in the spotlight quickly made him act up in public, and he eventually went back to using his prescription drugs to keep his behaviour under control.

"I started taking them again at like, 19, because the fame started getting to me," he tells Paper Magazine. "I kind of needed to numb myself a little bit. I want to medicate enough so that I can get through these interviews and meet these people.

"The first year was terrible. In terms of my interviews, I was either numb to the point where I didn't care or I was bitter."

Urie, now 31, reveals one interview in particular sticks out in his mind and he is still embarrassed about it to this day.

"There was an interview I did in the U.K. with this girl, Alexa Chung, and I regret this to this day because I look back at that interview and I don't know who that is," he admits. "I was so not in my right mind, I was just a d**k. It was not cool."

"I was just bitterness," he adds. "I was like, 'Why are you even talking to me? I have a show in 30 minutes, f**k off.' I didn't actually say that but I might as well. I could never forgive myself for that."

And Brendon is now apologising for the way he treated Chung.

"I am so sorry, Alexa," he says. "Honestly, that's one that will haunt me for the rest of my life, but it's good because I can look at that and say I never want to do that again. It made me feel so immediately bad. I was like, 'Why are you f**king saying this? You're such an a**hole.'"

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