Report: Madonna Sparks Political Storm in Lisbon After Being Given Cheap Parking Deal
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According to a new report, the pop diva has been allowed to park up to 15 cars on land behind Ramalhete Palace for just $840 a month.

AceShowbiz - Madonna is at the centre of a political storm in Lisbon, Portugal, after she was granted a cut-price deal to park her fleet of cars in the city.

According to editors at British newspaper The Telegraph, the singer, who moved to Lisbon last year, has been allowed to park up to 15 cars on land behind a 18th century townhouse, Ramalhete Palace, near her home, for just $840 (£636) a month.

Madonna's monthly rental is reportedly well below current market rates in the Portuguese capital, where metered street parking for one vehicle costs more than $1.32 (£1) an hour.

The move by Mayor Fernando Medina, who has previously faced allegations of cosying up to the 59-year-old, has reportedly enraged Portugal's opposition parties and local residents who have accused him of giving the "Like a Virgin" singer special treatment.

And there was further anger after a copy of the contract released by City Hall officials confirmed Portuguese newspaper Expresso's report that Medina had agreed a deal which meant Madonna would pay nothing until it expired.

Opposition councillor Joao Goncalves Pereira, of the CDS - People's Party, raged about the situation on social media.

"Fifteen car parking spaces for Madonna. We cannot allow Fernando Medina to use Lisbon City Council's heritage for his own convenience," he tweeted. "The CDS has been left speechless by this extraordinary situation. Madonna is welcome in Lisbon but this should not mean anything goes."

City Hall chiefs responded in a statement obtained by The Daily Telegraph, that the agreement was designed to "avoid disturbance and problems with local traffic in a narrow and fairly busy street" and the price it was charging for the 309 square-metre plot was in line with normal council rates.

The "Vogue" singer moved from New York City to Lisbon with her four adopted children; David and Mercy, 12, and her five-year-old twin girls, Estere and Stella, after son David was accepted into famed Portuguese soccer club Benfica's youth academy.

Madonna's representatives have not responded to a request for comment.

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