Iggy Azalea Won't Commit to Tyga Despite Reportedly Hooking Up for Months

After breaking up with ex-fiance Nick Young, the 'Fancy' raptress wants to keep it casual with no rules even though the 'Hookah' rapper wants to go steady.

AceShowbiz - Iggy Azalea and Tyga reportedly have been hooking up under the radar for months. However, the raptress doesn't want to make it official as she allegedly wants to keep it very casual. On the other hand, The former boyfriend of Kylie Jenner wants Iggy to be his girl and he doesn't want to give up.

"Iggy and Tyga have been secretly hooking-up for months but she's keeping it very casual, no strings and no rules," one of Iggy's friends told HollywoodLife.com."He'd love to lock her down but she won't commit. She doesn't trust Tyga, but it's not because of anything he's done. She doesn't trust men period after everything Nick [Young] did to her," the source explained the reason.

Apparently, the "Black Widow" hitmaker needs more time to recover after she broke up with ex-fiance Nick Young in June 2016. The source went on to tell about Iggy's feeling after the split. "She's still not over the pain of that and her defense mechanism is to not let any guy get too close," said the source. "Tyga's for sure paying the price for what Nick did. But it's not putting him off, if anything it's making him want her more. They're not a couple yet but Tyga's not giving up, he wants to make her his girl."

Previously, Iggy and Tyga were rumored to be dating after they were spotted getting cozy with each other at Coachella on June 15. "They're not at the stage of dating yet though, they're more just friends with benefits, but it looks like it could definitely be on the cards in the future," a source revealed. The two fueled the dating rumor by appearing together on the set of Iggy's new music video in Los Angels on June 28.

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