Tyra Banks' Mom Urges Her to Have More Children
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The model says that her mom is convinced she's not the only one who wants Tyra to have more children as her son also starts calling himself a big brother.

AceShowbiz - Tyra Banks' two-year-old son has started referring to himself as a "big brother", even though the supermodel-turned-TV mogul has no current plans to expand her family.

The "America's Next Top Model" star welcomed York, her first child, via a surrogate in January, 2016 with her then-boyfriend, Norwegian photographer Erik Asla, who she reportedly split from in October, 2017 after five years together.

Although Tyra is thought to be single, that hasn't stopped her mother Carolyn London from encouraging the stunner to think about giving young York a sibling - and it seems her comments have rubbed off on the toddler.

"God, my mum wants more grandbabies," the 44-year-old told news show Entertainment Tonight.

"My son is rolling and running around and she's like, 'You see? He needs a friend. He's saying that these stuffed animals are his babies and he's calling himself a big brother,'" Tyra shared. "He calls himself a big brother. I'm like, 'There's nobody underneath you. What does that mean, 'big brother?''"

York also appears to have taken on the bossy nature of an older sibling: "I think every two-year-old has some terrible moments," Tyra said. "And he definitely, definitely has that. But, he's also like, in charge, so when he's eating I try to tell him, 'You must sit at the table when you eat, you cannot run around, you must sit.' So the other day, yesterday, my mum is eating at the counter in the kitchen. He's like, 'Nana, sit down you down. You eating. Sit down, Nana (sic).'"

Tyra previously gushed about her "heavenly" life as a mother, but admitted juggling her busy work schedule with her new home life was tough.

"Just last night, I picked him up out of his crib... and I'm like, 'I know I'm not supposed to, he's sleeping all night,' but I just picked him up and I just held him for 20 minutes at three in the morning, knowing I had to be here bright eyed for a photoshoot," she gushed to Entertainment Tonight. "It's that love."

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