Liam Gallagher Responds to Criticism Over Freddie Mercury Diss
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'I'm sooooooo sorry if I upset anybody,' the 45-year-old singer, who previously called Freddie 'goofy c**t', tweets.

AceShowbiz - Liam Gallagher has made light of fans' criticism of an expletive-filled tweet he directed at the late Freddie Mercury.

The 45-year-old singer stunned fans on Sunday, June 24 by responding to a message comparing Freddie's track with Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody, to a song he penned for Oasis, Songbird, by writing, "F**k him the goofy ****".

His tweet prompted fans to take him to task on the social media site, with some calling him ignorant and questioning whether he was as big a rock star as Freddie, who died in 1991 at the age of 45 from complications related to AIDS.

On Monday, Liam posted an apology of sorts - but also told his critics to "get over" the controversy.

"So I wake up to news that I hit another and I mean another all time low after my vile and I mean vile outburst outburst did somebody say outburst about Fred mercy (sic) I'm sooooooo sorry if I upset anybody it's a good job there's 24 hours in a day as you'll get over it LG x," he posted.

The Wall of Glass singer later hinted to fans that he had been drunk when sending the tweet, but also questioned why some were offended by his language.

He joked: "Last thing I don't know why people get offended by the word **** I get called a good looking **** everyday don't hear me crying as you were LGx".

The Twitter tirade is not the first time he has criticised Freddie and Queen; he told NME magazine last year that he didn't like the band.

He did concede that Freddie had a "great voice" but slammed guitarist Brian May, saying that it sounded like he had his instrument, "clogged in his a**".

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