Rory Feek to Host Daughter's Same-Sex Wedding

The country singer says that the wedding will be held in his property in Tennesse around Halloween.

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Country star Rory Feek is "excited" to host his daughter's same-sex wedding on his family farm later this year after coming to terms with her sexuality.

The singer recently confessed he had initially struggled to accept his daughter Hopie's romance with her friend Wendy, because it really rattled his conservative Christian beliefs when she 'came out' to him, shortly after his wife and bandmate, Joey, lost her battle with cancer in 2016.

However, he has since fully embraced the relationship, and is now preparing to celebrate their love by playing host to their nuptials in the coming months.

The Joey + Rory star shared the news on Tuesday, June 19, in a blog post called, I Choose Love, explaining his new book Once Upon A Farm wouldn't be sold in many Christian bookstores, unlike his previous release, This Life I Live, because it includes a whole chapter about his lesbian daughter and how he decided not to shun her simply because they disagree over aspects of their shared faith.

He went on to upload an excerpt from the chapter in question, titled, "A BIGGER LOVE", in which he writes, "Hopie has made me rethink everything I've ever thought when it comes to some things. And in other ways I'm still right where I always was. First off, I'm not the judge. That is not my job. I'm Hopie's father. My job is to love her. She gets to make her decisions in life. All of them. I can approve or disapprove, but it's her life, and she has a right to live it as she chooses."

He goes on to reveal their marriage plans, and vows to celebrate their love just like he would for any other loved one.

"And so we are going to have a wedding here at the farm," he continues, referring to his property in Tennessee. "Around Halloween is what I hear. And I'm going to be excited about it. It will be a special day for someone who is special to me and her someone special. That is all I need to know.

"I choose to love her. To love them. Period. End of story."

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