Brandon Lee Hits Back at Tommy Lee for Bringing Up Rehab Stint, Offers to Pay for Tommy's Treatment

Brandon responds to Tommy's latest post in which the rocker bragged about covering the cost of his son's rehab stay, offering to do the same for his father.

AceShowbiz - Tommy Lee's son is offering to pay for his father to undergo "treatment" of his own after the rocker revealed he took care of Brandon Lee's rehab bill.

The former Motley Crue star reignited his fall out with Brandon over Father's Day weekend, June 16-17 after the drummer posted an old photo of himself with his father on Instagram, and shared how being a dad to the 22-year-old and his younger brother Dylan "ain't easy".

"Sometimes I feel like I failed as a father, because my kids don't know the value of things," he wrote of his boys with ex-wife Pamela Anderson. "If they break something, they don't care because they know they'll just get a new one, if they hurt someone, they don't care because so many people tell them it's OK. I never wanted this for my kids...".

Brandon didn't appreciate his father's candid confession, and responded by lashing out at the musician and uploading a video of Tommy apparently unconscious from their initial fight in March.

He later reached out to his father again on social media and tried to address the feud in a more mature manner, but on Tuesday, June 19, Tommy once again took aim at his eldest by going public with the news of his pricey rehab stay.

Sorry for the noise everyone. Hopefully this is the End.

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"Rehab for son: $130,000," he posted. "Party for son's 21st birthday last year: $40,000. Medical Bills after son knocks his father unconscious and uses 'alcoholism' as scapegoat: $10,000, Son acting like a victim on social media on father's day: Priceless".

Brandon is now responding to Tommy's latest post by thanking his father for covering the cost of his rehab stay, and offering to do the same for him.

"I thank my Dad for paying for my treatment It's the best thing he's ever done for me," he writes on Instagram. "Today I am almost two years sober. Every day that goes by I feel ever more grateful. My clear mind has allowed me to do a lot with this time. So much so that I would like to offer to pay for his treatment".


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At the time of Tommy's fight with Brandon in March, it was reported that they'd fallen out over the kid's mother, who the musician had blasted for opening up about their allegedly violent marriage on Piers Morgan's Life Stories show.

In the wake of the punch-up, Pamela issued a statement addressing her 55-year-old ex's behaviour, alleging he suffers from "the disease of alcoholism", a claim he denies.

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