Ray Liotta Stunned by 'Shades Of Blue' Cancellation
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The Matt Wozniak depicter initially believed that Jennifer Lopez considered continuing the series with a new leading lady.

AceShowbiz - Ray Liotta was stunned by the cancellation of his TV hit "Shades of Blue", because co-star and producer Jennifer Lopez had been considering continuing the series with a new leading lady.

The singer/actress has portrayed Detective Harlee Santos on the police drama since its launch in 2016, but in April, network bosses at NBC announced the upcoming third season would be its last.

Jennifer, who also executive produces the series, subsequently explained she made the tough decision to end the show on a high because she is itching to "move on" to new projects.

However, it appears Liotta wasn't kept updated about the future of the programme, because he only recently learned there would be no season four.

"We didn't know we got cancelled until, like, a couple weeks ago," he said on breakfast show "Today" on Friday, June 15.

"What usually happened is the show would go on air and... they (network bosses) would wait to see what the ratings are, they like the ratings, then we're good again, but I'm not sure what happened here."

Liotta reveals J.Lo, who had been juggling "Shades of Blue" with her Las Vegas concert residency, her "World of Dance" reality show, and her music and fashion endeavours, had been thinking of exiting the series as an actress, and asking writers to introduce a new character to lead the show.

"Her schedule is so crazy, but she was hip to bringing someone else in, keep the show going," Ray explained. "They (Lopez and her business partners) are producers of it, so it's still a win-win."

Liotta is disappointed to be bidding farewell to his juicy role as bisexual corrupt cop Matt Wozniak, but he won't miss having to share same-sex kissing scenes.

"I can do without the kissing part, but an actor's gotta do what an actor's gotta do!" he quipped. "You just do it, but I learned something from it: that if you're gonna be kissing somebody, don't have stubble, 'cause stubble hurts!"

The third and final season of "Shades of Blue" premieres in the U.S. on Sunday, June 17.

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