John Travolta Grateful to Have Pitbull Score Gotti Movie
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The 'Grease' star calls the rapper his 'favorite' artist, while Pitbull thanks the actor for reaching out to him.

AceShowbiz - John Travolta is "privileged and honoured" to have collaborated with Pitbull on his new movie Gotti because the rapper is his "favourite" artist.

The Fireball hitmaker makes his debut as a film composer for the new mob movie, working alongside his longtime producer Jorge Gomez to come up with original songs, including his Leona Lewis tune Amore, for the soundtrack.

Pitbull was thrilled to receive the call offering him the gig, because it wasn't something he had considered doing before - and he's still in disbelief at working with movie legend Travolta.

The two stars reunited in New York's Central Park on Friday, June 15 as Pitbull performed for breakfast show Good Morning America, and the Cuban-American MC used the joint interview to express his gratitude to the actor for reaching out.

"I appreciate it, thank you, and it's an honour to be able to work with John Travolta on the Gotti film and to be able to do the score and do a song for it...," he said. "Thank you for the opportunity, I appreciate it".

However, the Grease icon insisted he owes all the compliments to Pitbull: "I'm the one who's privileged and honoured that you did it," Travolta responded, adding, "He's my favourite. I love him".

Despite striking up an unlikely friendship with Travolta, Pitbull is still in disbelief at his involvement in Gotti.

Asked how the project came to be, he quipped, "Man, to be honest with you, I'm still trying to figure it out!".

"We got the opportunity and it was the first of its kind, so like anything else, I'm a big believer in (experimenting)...," Pitbull explained. "Nike had a great slogan, 'Just do it!', so you step into it, you don't know what may happen, may not happen, you modify, you pivot, and you find ways to, no matter what, make it happen.

"The word in 'impossible' is 'possible', and let me tell you, we possible (sic)!".

Heaping praise on Pitbull's positive energy, Travolta remarked, "It's so contagious, it's unbelievable. He just injects life and spirit into everybody".

"We gotta enjoy life, it's a short ride...!" Pitbull responded. "Hard work pays off!"

Travolta plays late mafia leader John Gotti in the film, which chronicles his real-life rise to power in the Gambino crime family of New York City.

The film, directed by Kevin Connolly, also features his wife Kelly Preston, and Stacy Keach, and opened on Friday.

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