Paris Jackson Cleans Michael Jackson's Walk of Fame Star
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The 20-year-old, the daughter of late music icon Michael Jackson, shares before and after photos of her cleaning the vandalized monument.

AceShowbiz - Paris Jackson scrubbed clean radio host Michael Jackson's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Wednesday, June 13 after vandals covered it in graffiti.

The 20-year-old, the daughter of late music icon Michael Jackson, shared before and after photos of her cleaning the monument after learning that it had been defaced with red spray paint. The second image showed she had successfully managed to wipe the star clean.

"Some people have no f**king respect. i understand that there is a difference between the radio emblem and the record, but a name is a name (sic)," she wrote in the caption, noting that the star didn't belong to her father, but that of the 84-year-old British radio host who shares the same name.

TV personality and magazine editor Vas J Morgan told Paris on Twitter her actions gave him "tears of pride" and in response, she explained that she was nearby and heard about the vandalism.

"I was at my friend apt (apartment) that lives basically next door this morning and another buddy of mine said he saw this last night (sic)," she wrote. "thankfully there was a walgreens (pharmacy) half a block away. apparently it's not his actual star but hey that's still his name. justa bit of acetone bishhh (sic)".

One Twitter user said the joke was on whoever vandalised the wrong star as they mixed up the two Michael Jacksons, and Paris replied, "I don't think it was intentionally targeted it at him. i think it was probably just some young kids f**king around. but to me a name is a name and i couldn't just hear about it and not go see it for myself (sic)".

It's not the first time there has been confusion between the two stars, which can be distinguished from each other by the radio and record symbols on the plaques, as fans of the Thriller hitmaker accidentally left flowers and tributes at the radio personality's star when he died in June 2009.

The nine-year anniversary of the singer's death will take place later this month. Authorities in Detroit, Michigan - the original home of Motown - were set to unveil an honorary street sign named Michael Jackson Avenue on Friday, but it has now been called off. The star's family had reportedly been under the impression all of The Jackson 5 would be honoured, so officials are now looking for a compromise.

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