50 Cent Threatens to Quit Instagram After Receiving Warning About Sensitive Content
WENN/Dave Bedrosian/Future Ima

The 'In Da Club' is not happy that Instagram shut down his account over sensitive content.

AceShowbiz - 50 Cent threatened to quit Instagram after bosses at the image and message-sharing site disabled his account over sensitive content.

The rapper fell foul of rules on the platform, which limits nudity, and his account was shut down on Tuesday, June 12.

The "In Da Club" star posted a screenshot of the sensitive content message, captioning it: "Dear Instagram lm not sure if you look at your self lately but your full of a** and t**s (sic). Now lm not following you quit following me around this motherfvk*r."

He was then informed by Instagram bosses that they were shutting him down, prompting 50 to urge fans to follow him on Twitter, where he explained it was OK to post nude snaps of women.

It didn't take long for Instagram bosses to reconsider their stance - and 50 was back on Instagram hours later.

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