Tinashe Denies Kendall Jenner Feud Rumours

Tinashe was spotted out with Kendall's ex, Blake Griffin, last week, sparking rumours of a feud between the ladies.

AceShowbiz - Singer Tinashe has tightened up her circle of friends in the wake of the dating drama surrounding her ex Ben Simmons and his rumoured new flame Kendall Jenner.

The pop star and the model were reportedly dating the basketball player at the same time, with reports suggesting he had been romancing Kendall behind Tinashe's back emerging last month.

Tinashe was spotted out with Kendall's ex, Blake Griffin, last week, end June 08, sparking rumours of a feud between the ladies, but the 2 On hitmaker insists she's not focused on the gossip.

"I think I just solidified things I've always known, that you need to keep your circle small," she told Us Weekly. "You need to keep around the people you trust, the people that are so important to your mental health, your physical well-being, keeping you grounded through all of the 'extra stuff', because there's a lot of noise and things that people throw at you every day, and I think that that's what I kind of reaffirmed for myself (after the tabloid headlines)".

Tinashe recently released her third studio album, Joyride, and she insists pursuing career success is far more important to her than petty relationship drama.

"Right now, my focus is on continuing to build out my music career, continue to make more music, tour, make more albums," she said. "I'd like to develop, just overall, as an entertainer, get back into acting, do some other endeavours. Building my passions... stuff like that. Just continue to push myself.

"(The) sky's the limit in terms of what I can accomplish. I mean, my first thing that I wanted to execute was music and I feel like I’ve definitely solidified my place in music so now it’s just a matter of, 'Where do I go from here?'".

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