Fox Chased Pusha-T During Recording in Wyoming
WENN/Judy Eddy

'I ran but it kept coming towards me,' the rapper shares of the wild experience.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Pusha-T was chased by a fox while recording his new album at producer Kanye West's remote retreat in Wyoming.

The New Yorker was out of his comfort zone while laying down tracks for his third studio album Daytona in Jackson Hole, Wyoming - and he had a real wild time whenever he stepped outside.

Coming across an aggressive fox, he tells GQ, "I ran but it kept coming towards me... I'm not an outdoors person."

The rapper also reveals the place had a rehab feel: "(It was) secluded... (We were) super laser-focused on the music. Clean living. Disconnected from everybody except those who are about the art. I was just focused on health."

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