Samuel L. Jackson Used to Take 'Acid' Before Stage Performances

The Nick Fury of Marvel's movies admits he consumed the psychedelic drug early in his career after taking an acting teacher's crazy suggestion too seriously.

AceShowbiz - Samuel L. Jackson would consume psychedelic drugs before taking to the stage when he was a young actor.

The veteran Hollywood star started out his career by performing in theatre productions, including "A Soldier's Play" and "The Piano Lesson", before transitioning to the world of film and TV.

Jackson is now taking an online filmmaking class for aspiring entertainers, and during an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Monday night (June 11), host Jimmy Kimmel questioned him over the advice that he wouldn't be giving to his students.

"Are all acting teachers crazy?" Kimmel questioned, to which Jackson described them as "eccentric" and went on to tell a story about how an acting teacher once told him that to be "great" you need to first learn "how to be drunk and high and still do the play".

And the 69-year-old, who has battled alcohol and cocaine addictions in the past, explained that he took the suggestion much too seriously.

"You drink a little wine, smoke a little weed, go on stage, and when you get through that, you are kind of like confident, you go, 'That was alright... let's try some acid!'" he recalled.

Jackson went on to share that he would sometimes take acid around half an hour before he was due to perform and then he would be "ready to party" once the curtain had dropped.

But he warned that his acid trips led to some very scary situations.

"Occasionally, you do that, drink some coffee, smoke some weed and get ready to go on stage. (In one show), these dancers would do these leaps onstage. Just as I was getting ready to go on and they did their leap, it was like... (shudders)...'Uh oh, there's going to be a problem tonight!' I've been standing in the middle of the stage and watching my feet sink into the stage," the "Pulp Fiction" actor remembered. "But you fight through it."

Jackson successfully completed a rehabilitation course in the early 1990s after his drug addiction worsened.

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