Dennis Rodman Cries Over America-North Korea Summit
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The retired basketball player Rodman can't hide his emotions during an interview with CNN live from Singapore.

AceShowbiz - Dennis Rodman broke down in tears during a live TV interview while discussing U.S. President Donald Trump's landmark meeting with North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un on Tuesday, June 12.

Trump made history on Tuesday when he became the first sitting U.S. President to attend a summit with the controversial leader in Singapore, during which they pledged to work toward eliminating North Korea's nuclear weapons programme.

Retired basketball player Rodman, who struck up an unlikely friendship with Jong-un after meeting him in 2013, sat down for an interview with CNN live from Singapore on Tuesday and could not hide his emotions, despite wearing large sunglasses and a "Make America Great Again" cap, a nod to Trump's famous campaign slogan.

Recalling how he was treated over his ties to the regime, he said, "I knew things were going to change. I was the only one, I never had no one to hear me, I had no one to see to me, but I took those bullets, I took all that... and I'm still standing... Today is a great day for everybody; Singapore, Tokyo, China, everything, it's a great day. I'm here to see it. I'm so happy."

Visibly emotional, Rodman wiped away tears that rolled down his face, and described how he "fell in love" with North Korea, which he knew nothing about when he first visited there for a basketball charity event.

He also claimed the White House had told him Trump was "proud" of him for bringing the leaders together, although officials had previously said he would play no part in negotiations.

Rodman, who previously appeared on Trump's TV show "Celebrity Apprentice", added, "I'm not in this for no money, I never started this for no money, this isn't about Dennis Rodman being the greatest person in the world, to lead these two people together... no more hatred."

The 57-year-old also described Jong-un as a "big kid" who wants to "be around the world" and come to the U.S. but can't because of the regime, so the summit is his way of "trying to reach out and get into the 21st century".

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