Fleet Foxes Rocker Opens Up About His Suicidal Thoughts

'During a period a few years ago when I was dangerously and actively suicidal,' Robin Pecknold shares in a candid Instagram post.

AceShowbiz - Fleet Foxes rocker Robin Pecknold has become the latest star to detail his history of mental health issues, confessing he regularly struggles with thoughts of suicide.

The frontman opened up about his experiences with depression on social media in the wake of the tragic deaths of fashion designer Kate Spade and top chef and travel show host Anthony Bourdain, who both took their own lives last week, ends June 08.

In Sunday's, June 10 candid Instagram post, the singer tried to clarify since-deleted comments he had shared about the huge media attention given to the celebrity losses earlier in the day, after he was criticised by some followers for appearing "unsympathetic" to those suffering with mental illnesses.

Explaining the context for his remarks, he revealed the sensitive subject was one very close to his heart, because it's something he has battled in secret for quite some time.

"During a period a few years ago when I was dangerously and actively suicidal, my respect for my loved ones and my knowledge of the pain I would cause them was, truly and with no overstatement, the only effective thought I had at my disposal to prevent myself from acting," he wrote.

Pecknold insisted he did not think that "suicide is selfish", claiming he was only drawing on his own "years of unwanted destructive mental activity" to offer up his thoughts on the sad events.

"The reason it makes me uncomfortable to see suicide lionized is because suicide has been an at-many-times daily part of my psychic reality, even still. It follows me around," he continued. "When artists are made legends through suicide, I know that some segment of the impressionable population internalizes this as justification for the act. I know this because I have overcome this exact delusion".

The musician concluded his lengthy post by adding, "I have nothing but empathy for anyone struggling, and I really hope people get the help they need, and that we all make ourselves available to those close to us who need us".

Pecknold wasn't alone in sharing his history of mental illness - actress Olivia Munn, model and TV personality Chrissy Teigen, and comedian Patton Oswalt are among the stars who also laid bare their dark personal histories following the losses of Spade and Bourdain.

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