'Boys Over Flowers' Actor Kim Joon Secretly Married 3 Years Ago and Has a Child

The actor, who played one of the F4 members on the 2009 hit drama series, reveals he secretly married his longtime girlfriend in 2015 and later welcomed their first child.

AceShowbiz - Kim Joon surprises everyone with announcement that he's married and is a father. The 34-year-old actor, who is best known for playing one of the famous F4 members on 2009's hit drama series "Boys Over Flowers", announced on Friday, June 8 that he secretly married his longtime girlfriend, who is a non-celebrity office employee the same age as him, three years ago.

"I got married 3 years ago. Up until now, it seems there weren't any news articles about my marriage so not many people know about it unless they are very close family or friends," he revealed through Ilgan Sports. "I decided to get married and form a family with my wife whom I've known for 9 years since before my debut, and I am also the father of one child."

Kim Joon debuted in 2007 as a member of vocal group T-Max, which sang the drama's iconic theme song "Paradise", before earning fame through his portrayal of Song Woo Bin on the drama series based on Japanese manga series of the same title.

He has also starred in "Detectives in Trouble", "Endless Love" (2014) and "City of the Sun". The rapper recently starred in theater productions, including "Yeodo".

"I made my theater debut as I happened to come across a genre I always wanted to try out by chance," he said of his acting career. "I will continue to meet everyone with various types of work in the future."

Following his marriage and child announcement, fans have showered him with congratulations. Kim Joon later thanked fans for their support by sharing a heartwarming photo of him and his daughter.

바보둘...#딸바보 #아빠바보 #감사합니다

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh 김준 (@kimj0203) pada

"Two dummies... #A Dummie for his Daughter #A Dummie for her Dad #ThankYou," he wrote in the caption.

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